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Hi all, sorry that I haven’t been updating the posts for a long while (again!) and I just moved my blog from (again!) to here. Now finally I have a blog site hosted on my own computer — well, not really my computer, I just rent this server. And what is cooler is I have my own domain name now πŸ™‚ So people from both China (GFW issue) and all other countries around the world can visit this website with no problem.

Another reason I moved my blog is I kinda look for some place to merge both the techy blogs (previous Let’s LabVIEW) and the personal blogs (previous FoOl’s BlOg) so that it’s easier to maintain in the future. I also try to learn/write more things in Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing which do not have to be in LabVIEW.

This website is just built and still under construction. More widgets need to added in and a better name may come up soon. Hope to keep in touch. Thanks all.


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