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Get the old Pocket button back for Firefox

Firefox has integrated the Pocket button into the browser since version 38.0.5. You can take out the Pocket button by navigating to the customize button of Firefox.

But I just don’t like the new design. I cannot tell if a webpage was Pocked already or not when I browsed it the second time. And I had to open up a web page to view my Pocked list. So I decided to take the old Pocket button back (sorry, Mozilla). If you feel the same way, you can download the old Pocket add-on file for Firefox from here. Please leave a comment if you have difficult downloading this file and please identify your region.

After you download this file, you shall be able to install it by simply double clicking. If not, go to the Add-ons page in Firefox, click the gear (‘tools for all add-ons‘) icon on the top-right, select ‘Install Add-on From File…‘ and select the downloaded .xpi file.

Enjoy your retro Pocket button 🙂


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THE personal blog site

Hi all, sorry that I haven’t been updating the posts for a long while (again!) and I just moved my blog from (again!) to here. Now finally I have a blog site hosted on my own computer — well, not really my computer, I just rent this server. And what is cooler is I have my own domain name now 🙂 So people from both China (GFW issue) and all other countries around the world can visit this website with no problem.

Another reason I moved my blog is I kinda look for some place to merge both the techy blogs (previous Let’s LabVIEW) and the personal blogs (previous FoOl’s BlOg) so that it’s easier to maintain in the future. I also try to learn/write more things in Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing which do not have to be in LabVIEW.

This website is just built and still under construction. More widgets need to added in and a better name may come up soon. Hope to keep in touch. Thanks all.


Two tiny functional VIs

For the last a few months I am still learning Machine Learning with LabVIEW (which might not be the best language for ML) and doing more signal processing jobs. I tried to follow some MOOC courses on R and Python to master better tools for ML. Really got some to-do projects in my mind and want to implement them soon.

Since I am dealing with a lot of file loading recently, this vi was built to scan a folder to find the file starts with the specific string. This is nothing complicated and I am sure there is a simpler solution. But here is an example of the implementation:

Find file starts with the name

It iterates the names of the files and quits if finds the name starts with the “Start with” string.

Another function is “Random selection from elements“. It allows the user to randomly select from their own dataset, which could be a number of integers, strings or any other data types. Again this is very simple but I found it quite useful in many “simulation” applications.

random element

The input array can be replaced by any other types of arrays. It is worth mentioning there is a “” in LabVIEW that can randomly disorganize the input elements (so the output is a disorganized array). The randomness can be repeated by setting the seed to the same number.



A quick update for the Flappy Bird project

It seems last post was found by @labview and brought much visiting here. So this project is still undergoing and I was kind of busy this month. But I will try finish this ASAP 🙂

Here are some updates since last post.

An Arduino controlled stylus now can be controlled by clicking the mouse.


There is a tip that the stylus needs to be earthed (via the red wire) to take affect.

And the Flappy Bird game is (poorly) simulated on LabVIEW. So I simulated FB (not facebook!) on LabVIEW to test the Q-learning algorithm in a purely software environment. Now it can pass 5 gaps 🙂 The algorithm needs to be altered a bit and then I will integrate the whole things.


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New year, new job

Hi all, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. It’s been 4 months since last post and something changed in my life. I started a new job in a LabVIEW consultancy company based in London. I always love London, in which there are so many places to explore.

So have to say goodbye to the lab and neuroscience. I am doing signal processing with LabVIEW now. It sounds fun and can be a good opportunity for me to learn more about machine learning and advanced LabVIEW programming. I will keep updating the blog and am thinking if I should change the blog title to some more general one 😉 (Let machine learn? Let lab wow?).

All the best.